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Our Services

Partner with us to improve your health by developing a personalized treatment plan for you, based on your health goals and needs

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Weight Loss & Obesity Care

Includes... •Anti-obesity medicine •Detailed weight loss plan •Nutrition education and plan •Exercise plan and weight-lifting demo in my office (will go to your gym or you can come to my home gym for additional fee) •Metabolic lab review and assessment •InBody and Respiratory Quotient measurement and analysis X 1 with initial visit and every 4 months with a follow-up visit Initial visit $500/90 minutes Follow-up visits $250/45 min visit

Functional Medicine Evaluation

Functional medicine focuses on identifying root cause of disease and is patient-centered, rather than disease centered. Depending on patient, can include •Gut health optimization •Hormone evaluation (sex hormones, stress hormones, etc) •Migraine and other pain condition evaluation •Other chronic medical concerns Initial consultation is $500/90 minutes with follow-ups of $250/45 minutes.

Reboot with Renewal Health

Includes… •Recommendations on health interventions to improve health span and lifespan •Lifestyle intervention recommendations including nutrition education, exercise plan and more •Measurement of resting metabolic rate and respiratory quotient X 2 •Inbody™ X 2 (bio-electrical impedance analysis) •Metabolic and longevity lab review with actionable recommendations •Health and fitness recommendations based on genetic markers (would need to provide raw DNA data) •Supplement recommendations •Wearable review and interpretation (Apple™ watch, ŌURA™ ring, Whoop™ band, etc) •Weight-lifting demonstration in office $1250/4 visits over six months

Custom Evaluation

Build your own evaluation based on your health goals and needs. Initial consultation is $500/90 minutes with follow-up of $250/45 minutes.

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