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precision medicine

taking you from sick care to well care.

Welcome to Renewal Health, your premier functional medicine practice dedicated to providing personalized and exceptional healthcare services with interest in obesity management and metabolic health. Exclusive benefits include functional medicine care, weight loss care, lifestyle interventions (including nutrition planning, fitness planning and more), metabolic health recommendations, and pharmacotherapy/supplement guidance.  All of this is brought to you with extended appointment times, direct access to the physician, and proactive wellness planning.

Personalized Care

Longer Appointment Times

Direct Access To Physician

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Our Benefits

Join our practice and enjoy individualized care from a functional medicine perspective, including obesity management, metabolic health recommendations, nutrition education and design, fitness planning, supplement recommendations, and weight loss plan all informed by laboratory data, genetic markers,

respiratory quotient and a bio-impedence analysis (InBody).

Make a meet 'n greet appointment to learn more!

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